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Thomas is our 1yr old cutie who was recently diagnosed with PFIC-2.  His medical problems began at 4mo when we noticed abnormal bruising on his back.  At the time,  he was an otherwise happy, healthy baby who was  just a lousy sleeper.  The bruising brought him to medical attention, and this is when we discovered he had liver problems.  He was hospitalized at the time and given a diagnosis of likely EBV hepatitis.  However, things did not improve as one would expect and he had a liver biopsy in July 2006.  This is the first time we learned of PFIC.  Within 2-3 months, he was given the definitive diagnosis of PFIC-2.  Currently, Thomas’ liver labs and his itching are pretty well controlled with medications.  We pray every day for a miracle, but more realistically, that God will ease his itching and for Thomas to keep that amazing smile and personality that wins the heart of everyone he meets!  We are so grateful to God for our little Thomas and his sweet, adoring sister Caroline.  Thomas is an inspiration to us, for he has been the strongest little guy through all of this and has been very forgiving, especially given all of the testing he has been through.- By Mom Amy Dietrich