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Zashayrah Zoe

Zashayrah Zoe, born on July 6, in Virginia. She is almost 8 years old. At 2 month of age I noticed she was yellow I took her to her pediatrician(at that time) and she told me that was normal because our race(we are Hispanic). A week after that appointment  ZoŽ got sicker so I rush her to ER. That's when our nightmare begun. To make this LONG story short , Zoe has been through a lot of hospitalizations, close to death, diagnosed with Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis two surgeries(not counting CVL lines) 1. Ileal exclusion which it did not work 2. Partial External Biliary Diversion which changed her life for good.
Right now she is doing good. She finished a 6 weeks feeding program a month ago, she still has her Gtube but I use it only if she doesn't eat well and for her medicines, she is very little for her age weighting 32 pounds. Otherwise she is doing ok.
Zoe has two sisters older than her, Barbara who is 13 and sharamarie who is 11.She loves them to death. Zoe loves going to school and playing outside. She loves Danimal yogurts


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